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Kuhn Truck and RV offers the country’s highest quality used heavy-duty diesel pickups, SUVs, and RVs for sale. We work hard to find vehicles in great shape to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ve been operating since 1976. In that time, we’ve learned how to find rust-free vehicles from private owners and vehicles that come from areas of the country that experience less snow, meaning our trucks have minimal corrosion from salt. We’re not interested in selling “junk” cars; buy from us with confidence. Our inventory contains a variety of Chevy, Dodge and Ford models.

Send an email through our Contact Us page or to kuhn@truckandrv.com, or call us anytime of the day at one of the following numbers:

Ron 419-770-5050
Levi 419-770-1515
Luke 419-770-1010

Ford Diesels

As a family owned and operated business, Ron Kuhn and his sons, Levi and Luke, handle all of the sales and service. We’re willing to talk with any potential customer, working with them to see they get the diesel truck or RV they need, whether it’s for work or play. Located in Sherwood, Ohio, we service the areas of Northwest Ohio, Southern Michigan and Northeast Indiana. Our facilities are within a few hours of many major cities, including Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and Indianapolis.

While we specialize in heavy-duty diesel pickups and RV's, but we often have other vehicles for sale. We operate with low overhead costs, therefore passing large savings on to you. Our posted hours are M-F 8:30 - 5:00 and Sat. 9:00 - 12:00, but we will meet any day of the week at any time of the day, just schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions about our heavy duty diesel used pickup trucks for sale, please do not hesitate to ask. If you would like the vehicle described in greater detail, call one of us and we will walk around the vehicle and describe everything to you

Ron (center of the picture) started the business in 1976.  He grew up farming and milking cows.  He was the only son with four sisters.  After his father passed away when Ron was eleven he was the man of the house and had to run the farm.  After he graduated high school his mother told him it was time for him to either go get a loan to buy the cows for himself or she was going to sell them.  He told her to call the auctioneer and get rid of them. 
This being the muscle car era Ron was always into the hot rods and drag racing.  That's how he got into cars.  He would buy one fix it up race it and sell it.  One day he went in and asked the banker for $10,000 dollars.  He was afraid to tell the banker he was going to buy cars, so he told him he was going to buy some hogs for the farm.  He took the $10,000 and started buying cars to sell, and that's how the business started.

Levi (left in the above picture) graduated high school in 2006 and went to Northwest State Community College in rural Archbold Ohio.  He attained an associates degree in business management.  During college Levi started running to the auctions with his father.  Up to this point Ron had mainly focused on wholesale to other dealers.  Ron and Levi were running the wholesale ring together and got stuck with a 2006 Ford F-250 King Ranch that they were going to take a major hit on selling it wholesale.  Levi talked Ron into letting him put it on eBay.  Less than a week later there was a gentleman out of South Dakota standing at the door to purchase the truck, and what would have been a loss turned into a profit.  More and more trucks started getting put online and we started to focus mainly on retail to the general public. 

Luke (right in the above picture) graduated high school in 2011 and also went to Northwest State Community College.  He too majored in business management.  As the retail operation grew Luke started to help out while attending college and decided to join the family business after graduating college. 

As a team Ron is always on the road buying.  He has a lot of experience buying vehicles, so that's what he focuses on.  Ron has handed reins of the day to day operation over to Levi and Luke.  If you call or stop in at the dealership you will most likely see or talk to Levi or Luke.